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AMSOIL Fluid Extraction Pump Subaru OEM High Performance Gear Oil 75W90 - 1 Quart Red Line 75W90 GL-5 Gear Oil 1 Quart
Fluid Pump, Call for pricing 417-838-7927 This is an OEM Subaru 75W-90 Oil Most popular Red Line gear oil.
Red Line MT90 GL-4 Gear Oil 1 Quart ( Nissan, Toyota and Mazda ) Motul Gear 300 Synthetic 75W90 Redline LightWeight ShockProof Gear Oil 1 Quart
Eliminates notchy shifting, even when cold. 75W90 Synthetic Improved cold shifting.
Redline Superlight ShockProof Gear Oil 1 Quart Kartboy 5-Speed Shifter Bushing Torque Solution Rear Differential Inserts 08-17 STI / 08-17 WRX
Improves shifting Eliminate that loose shifter feel. Increases response
Kartboy Rear Shifter Bushing Torque Solution Transmission Member Bushing 02-14 WRX / 04-17 STI Torque Solution Rear Differential Bushings 08-17 WRX / 08-17 STI
Eliminate that loose shifter feel. Installs in under 30 Minutes. Reduces rear end float under acceleration
Whiteline Gearbox Positive Shift Bushing Kit 08-17 STI / 08-17 WRX Torque Solution Solid Linkage U Joint Whiteline Rear Positive Differential Mount Power Kit 08-14 STI / 08-14 WRX
Faster shift response Reuses existing bracket Reduce initial torque loss.
Group N Pitch Stop Mount 02-17 WRX / 04-17 STI Whiteline Rear Positive Traction Bushing Kit 11-14 STI / 11-14 WRX Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo
Perfect for stock to moderate power levels. Inserts - positive traction kit - locks subframe to body. Eliminate that loose shifter feel with this combo bushing kit.
Torque Solution Pitch Stop Mount 02-17 WRX / 04-17 STI Group N Transmission Mount 02-17 WRX Perrin Pitch Stop 02-17 WRX / 04-17 STI
Life Time Warranty

Fits 02-14 WRX and 15-17 WRX Manual Trans. 5 Year Warranty

Agency Power Pitch Stop Mount 02-17 WRX / 04-17 STI Kartboy Pitch Stop Mount 02-17 WRX / 04-17 STI Kartboy 5Spd Shifter and Bushing Combo 08-14 WRX / 05-09 Legacy GT
LIMITED LIFETIME warranty Reduces engine movement Includes shifter and bushings
Torque Solution Transmission Mount 02-17 WRX / 04-17 STI Torque Solution Billet Rear Differential Brace 08-18 WRX / 08-18 STI Perrin Transmission Mount
Lifetime Warranty Reduces movement and clunking Reduce drivetrain movement
Torque Solution Motor / Transmission Mounts Torque Solution Drivetrain Combo Kits 02-14 WRX / 04-17 STI Cusco RS Rear LCD 1.5 Way
Eliminates wheel hop / traction loss Pitch Stop Colors of Choice Cusco RS LSD enables lower drive friction and better response.