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Delicious Tuning MAF Extension (Subaru 08+) Delicious Tuning Fuel (BRZ/FRS) AEM Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Kit ( AIT ) with 3/8th Alum Bung and Connector
Length: 24 inches Sold in a set of 4 connectors Intake Air Temp Sensor
Delicious Tuning 11 PSI / 1.7 BAR MAP Sensor (BRZ/FRS) Visconti Tuning BRZ/FRS ECU EVAP Harness Full Blown Motorsports 4 Bar Map Sensor FRS/BRZ
Direct replacement OEM sensor Plug and Play Reads up to 44 psi
AEM Bosch LSU 4.9 UEGO Replacement Sensor Omni Power 4 Bar MAP Sensor FRS/BRZ Omni Power 3 Bar MAP Sensor FRS/BRZ
Replacement sensor for the new AEM UEGO Wideband AFR (30-4110) Reads up to 4 Bar Reads up to 3 Bar
Delicious Tuning Quick Disconnect Fuel Pressure Sensor Delicious Tuning 45 PSI / 4 BAR MAP Sensor (BRZ/FRS) AEM 3.5 BAR MAP or 50 PSIA Stainless Steel Sensor Kit
Plug-n-play replacement Direct replacement OEM sensor 3.5 Bar Stainless Sensor
AEM 5 BAR MAP or 75 PSIA Stainless Steel Sensor Kit
5 Bar Stainless Sensor