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AEM Bosch LSU 4.9 UEGO Replacement Sensor Innovate MTX-L: Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Innovate DB-Blue Wideband AFR Kit (Blue LEDs LC-2 & O2 Sensor) 52mm
Replacement sensor for the new AEM UEGO Wideband AFR (30-4110) Insurance For Your Motor. Weld-in bung included
Innovate DB-Red Wideband AFR Kit (Red LEDs LC-2 & O2 Sensor) 52mm AEM X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Kit ProSport Evo Series Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Gauge
Weld-in bung included Insurance For Your Engine. This gauge can be ran in Green or White
Tanabe VLS Digital Wideband AFR Gauge 52mm AEM Universal Wideband Failsafe AFR Gauge 52mm Innovate ECB-1 (Boost) Ethanol Content & AFR Gauge With Sensor
Engineered for accuracy Weld-In bung included Displays Ethanol Content
Innovate ECF-1 Ethanol Content & AFR Gauge with Sensor
Insurance For Your Engine.