Defined Performance LLC

Established in August of 2009 and based out of Springfield Missouri Defined Performance has a distribution advantage over most companies. Due to our company location we can ship coast to coast in 2-3 days on average. This is great for the purchaser not only because no one likes waiting for badass parts but also the closer we are to the shipping destination, the less shipping will cost overall. In every way we are identical to our customers because we share the same passions. For anything you're needing performance wise, we have almost everything you could want at prices lower than our competitors. If you've seen a price lower than our listing price just take a moment to call us for a discount 417-838-7927. If you don't see what you want, bring this to our attention and we'll add it to the site and do our best to discount you for it.

DEFINED Performance LLC

4270 S Hillcrest Ave 

Suite 203 

Springfield, Missouri 65810

Phone: (417)838-7927